Obama Admin Attacks Pro-Life Medical Professionals

The Obama Administration lead another attack on pro-life medical professionals today as the Department of Health and Human Services recinded parts of the Bush Conscience Protection Rule.

Upon the announcement, Jon Russell, National Coordinator for Medical Students for Life commented,

“This is a direct attack on the entire medical community’s conscience and our oath to ‘do no harm.’ The decision undermines the constitutional rights of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. Without the enforcement of the complete Bush Conscience Rule, many of our peers will be forced to participate in taking the life of human beings through medical abortion through drugs, like Plan B and ella, and engaging in other objectionable medical practices. Medical Students for Life stands with future pro-life medical professionals in opposing the Obama Administration’s outrageous decision, and will continue to work to support and defend pro-life medical students. “

Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life and Medical Students for Life also commented,

“Today, the Obama Administration directly attacked pro-life medial professionals, removing part of the conscience protections in the name of “reproductive health.” This is outrageous and a direct attack on essence of medicine. In forcing physicians and pharmacists to perform and comply with the anti-life beliefs of the Obama Administration, medical professionals are forced to simply be staff taking orders from President Obama about how to practice medicine. Furthermore, pro-life medical students are also victims of the Obama Administration’s decision and will face harsh discrimination for standing up for Life and their beliefs on campus. Medical Students for Life and Students for Life of America will work to overturn this decision, and continue to shed light upon discriminatory abuse of pro-life medical professionals.”

Under the Bush rule, finalized in 2008, recipients of federal health care funds are required to certify that they are in compliance with three existing federal conscience protection laws:  the Church amendment, the Public Health Service Act Section 245, and the Weldon Amendment (passed annually as part of Congressional appropriations).  Each of the laws cover different areas, but all relate to whether a health care professional can be required to participate in medical procedures or research activities against his or her religious beliefs or moral convictions.The tour looks to raise awareness about how the Bush conscience rule protects a health care professional from being required to participate in medical procedures or research activities against his or her moral convictions.
You can read more about the Obama Administration’s decision here.