Stricter Medical Regulations Shut Down Abortion Provider

Truro_kids_29_MarchAll across the nation, abortion laws are becoming stricter as societal attitudes shift in the direction of protecting life. In Virginia, a law was passed which requires clinics that perform abortions to meet strict, hospital-style building codes. As a result of these regulations, NOVA Women’s Healthcare the Commonwealth’s largest abortion provider closed today.

According to the Washington Post….

In 2012, NOVA performed 3,066 “induced terminations of pregnancy” according to the Virginia Department of Health, and 3,567 in 2011, by far the most in any facility in the state each of those years. Court records show NOVA was owned by Mi Yong Kim, who then sold half of her interest last year to Taehyun Kim.

It is safe to say that roughly 3,000 lives will be saved by the closing of this clinic.

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