The Spring Med Speaking Tour is on NOW! (Updated!)

The Spring 2016 MedSFLA Speaking Tour has begun. The only program of its kind, the MedSFLA tour brings pro-life healthcare professionals to medical school campuses all over the country to discuss relevant and hot topics that students will face when it comes to life issues.

Topics range from fertility awareness and public sexual health to physician assisted suicide, abortion and mental health, perinatal hospice, and conscience rights. The doctors listed below will explore these topics from well-reasoned, scientific, and compassionate, ethical perspectives. All students and faculty are welcome to attend these free upcoming events!

The schedule as of today is listed below. Information about each speaker can be found here:


Fri., Feb. 13 (Noon) Medical Students for Life at Ohio University (Athens, OH) hosted Dr. Martha Shuping who spoke on Women’s Mental Health and Abortion

Mon, March 2 (Noon with lunch) Healthcare Professionals for Life at Texas A&M HSC School of Medicine hosted Dr. Byron Calhoun in LL38 in the HPEB building at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, Bryan, TX campus, on Terminal Illness in the Womb

Thurs., March 5 (Noon- 1 with lunch) The CMDA student chapter at Pacific NW University (PNWU) (Yakima, WA) hosts Dr. William Toffler in BHH 302, on The Right to Die?

Mon., March 9 (7p.m. with dinner) Mac Med Students for Life at Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) hosts Dr. Calhoun in MDCL 2232, on

The Fetus as our Patient: Therapeutic Advances in Prenatal Diagnosis & Therapy and at noon sponsored by the University of Toronto Students for Life

Thurs., March 12 (12:30-2p.m. with lunch) Students at VCOM (Blacksburg, VA) hosts Dr. Karen Poehailos on Fertility and Family Planning

Fri., March 13 (11a.m. with lunch) Medical Students for Life at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) hosts Dr. Martha Shuping in Evans Hall Room 202B, on Women’s Mental Health after Abortion

Tues., March 17 (lunch meeting) The CMA student chapter at UW-Madison School of Medicine (Madison, WI) will host Dr. Michael Egnor on Physician-Assisted Suicide & End of Life Care

Fri., March 27 (Noon-1p.m.)  Georgetown University Medical Students for Life (Washington, D.C.) hosts Dr. William Toffler on Physician- Assisted Suicide & End of Life Care

Wed., April 1 (Noon-1p.m.) The Medical Association of Catholic Students at Texas College of Osteopathic Medical School (Ft. Worth) will host Dr. Martha Shuping on Women’s Mental Health after Abortion

Tues., April 7 (lunch meeting) Dartmouth College Medical Students for Life (Hanover, NH) hosts Dr. Marguerite Duane on Go Green with your Family Planning!

Wed. April 8 (Noon- 1p.m.)  Catholic Graduate Students Organization at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (Richmond) will host Dr. Freda Bush on The Silent Epidemic: STDs and HIV/AIDS, The Secret Cure: Healthy Relationships

Thurs., April 9 (5p.m.) Medical Students for Life at Wayne State University School of Medicine (Detroit) will host Prof. Dr. Michael New on Pro-Life Success in the States: Strategies for the Current Decade and Beyond

Wed., April 13  The CMA student chapter at UC-Denver School of Medicine hosted Dr. Marguerite Duane, co-founder and executive director of FACTS, on “Fertility & Family Planning.”

Wed., April 22 (lunch meeting) Medical Students for Life at Nova Southeastern University-COM (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) will host Dr. Rob Chasuk on The Power of a Woman’s Cycle: Using Fertility Awareness in Treating Women’s Health Problems

Wed., April 29 (6:30p.m. reception, 7:00p.m. dinner) Medical Students for Life at the Medical College of Wisconsin & the CMA Milwaukee chapter will host Dr. Stephen McCurdy as the keynote speaker for the 11th Annual Pro-Life Hippocratic Oath banquet for fourth-year medical students of all faiths at the Medical College of WI Alumni Center, Milwaukee

Mon., May 2   Medical SFL at the Medical College of WI (Milwaukee) will host Dr. Marguerite Duane as the keynote speaker and to administer the (original) Hippocratic Oath to the M4’s.

Want to see one of these pro-life physicians and medical professionals visit your campus next fall? Send us a note ( to let us know which speaker(s) your pro-life group is interested in and what dates you have available. We will help you plan an event!