Katie Martin, Southwest Regional Coordinator

Katie Martin, Southwest Regional Coordinator Katie Martin

Katie grew up knowing abortion was wrong, but for most of her life it seemed like a distant, abstract issue. She never thought of it as having an impact on her, or as something she could do something about. She often debated the issue on her Tumblr blog, but always from a fairly detached, academic standpoint. When Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered against a pro-life law in the summer of 2013, the abortion discussion on Tumblr exploded and Katie met more pro-life bloggers than she could have imagined.

One such blogger, Lauren, who is now a close friend, often posted about something called “sidewalk counseling.” Katie did some research and discovered that it was an effective way to defend preborn babies from abortion. In fact, a group in the area offered a training program. She realized blogging wasn’t enough and decided to sign up, but it was that training that really changed how Katie looked at abortion.

At the beginning of sidewalk counselor training, the instructor pointed out on a map the four abortion facilities operating in Austin. One was uncomfortably close to home – between Katie’s house and the highway. After that day, Katie couldn’t go to church or school without thinking about the abortion facility she passed on her way and what was happening to preborn babies and their mothers there.

Her sidewalk counseling instructor encouraged her to not only counsel, but also get involved with 40 Days for Life and consider starting a pro-life club at her school. She ended up co-coordinating a 40 Days for Life campaign in Orange, California and starting the club Every Life Matters at Concordia University in Irvine, California during the same semester.

That club won the Students for Life West Coast Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year award in January of 2014, and that summer Katie served as a 2014 Missionary for Life, gaining experience with SFLA, the Susan B. Anthony List, and Care Net Pregnancy Resource Centers. It was then that Katie knew that full-time pro-life work was not only possible, but the next step in her efforts to protect babies from abortion.

Katie graduated in December of 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology and now serves as the Southwest Regional Coordinator, working with pro-life student groups in Texas and Oklahoma. She is looking forward to helping these students abolish abortion in their communities. The abortion facility that used to stand between Katie’s house and the highway is no longer committing abortions, and one of the other abortion facilities she saw on the map back in 2013 has closed completely. Katie knows that someday soon the same will be true for every abortion facility in her region, and that someday soon preborn babies in those states will not be dehumanized and killed, but instead protected and cherished. If you need help starting or training a pro-life group, contact Katie at kmartin@studentsforlife.org.